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What is the Truth?

In the “About” page, I say that I am believer in Jesus Christ as the only Way, Truth, and Life. Why is this important? Why is this the first and primary description I give about myself?

We live in a world in which everyone’s way is the right way, because it is one’s own way. Everyone’s view of truth is right because it is one’s own truth. Everyone’s life is one’s own because everyone is in charge of himself.

And our world is dead wrong.

Because God created the whole world–including us–he is the one in charge. Unlike many of the leaders we’ve known in history, God is holy and loving. Yet we all reject his loving rule over us, because none of us like to be told what to do. We all sin against God simply by refusing to submit to him. And so, our world is in the mess that it is in, because we rebel against God.

God is a just ruler, so he punishes sin. We all sin, so we all deserve punishment. Ever wonder why there is death? Death is because of our own sin. Death isn’t just oblivion. Death does not bring us second chances. Death brings us eternal torment and separation from God.

BUT. . .

God is a also a loving ruler. He sent his divine Son, Jesus Christ to earth as a baby. Jesus lived without any sin, yet willingly died on the cross to die our death in our place. Jesus, the perfect one, died for us, the sinful ones! Because he loves us! Then God raised Jesus from the dead and brought him back to heaven where Jesus rules with his Father.

We each now have a choice.

You can continue to reject God’s rule and his gracious gift of forgiveness. But there is a consequence for that rejection. One day, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 40 years, you will die. Then you will stand before God and take the responsibility for your choice. And God will reject you for rejecting him. And you will spend eternity, in torment, separated from God. No second chances. No oblivion. Eternal torment.

OR. . .

You can run to a merciful and loving God, ask for forgiveness, and turn from your rebellion. You can trust that Jesus’ perfect life substituted for your very imperfect life, that Jesus’ death on the cross took your punishment. You can rejoice that Jesus is in heaven, ruling the earth and waiting to welcome you home when you do die.

And you can have joy. peace. hope. Like I do. Because Jesus is the Way. Truth. Life.

{Check out “Two Ways to Live” for a more in-depth explanation, visuals, and Bible references!}


One response to “What is the Truth?

  1. Linda Huffstutler says:

    Thank you for your thoughts, Holly. The gospel is so simple…yet so profound. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and Life.

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