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Worthy Word Wednesday: Proactively Preventing Whining

on June 11, 2014

One of my favorite blogs, girltalk, has been writing a series on teaching our children to deal correctly with their emotions. It has been a great series from which I have greatly benefited. Yesterday, Carolyn wrote a post in the series entitled, Helping Children Make a Habit of Cheerfulness. She started her post by remembering the constant fussing, fighting, and whining that took place between her daughters when they were very young.

Now that my youngest is two and definitely her “own person,” I have seen this same issue between her and my almost-4-year old. I was actually just talking to a friend that I needed to find a solution, because the constant whining (especially right after nap time as I was preparing dinner) was driving me insane. Not to mention that allowing them to whine and fight teaches them to deal with emotions in a sinful way.

There were two things that especially challenged me in Carolyn’s post.The first was something I know but haven’t really done regarding this issue:

Seek God for wisdom as to how to create a family culture that minimizes temptation. In teaching our children to handle their emotions, we want to create an environment that reinforces the habit of cheerfulness. 

I had failed to seek God for wisdom for this particular issue. In my praying that God would give me patience, in my praying that God would grant my children salvation and obedience, I had not prayed that God would grant me wisdom as to how to practically teach my children not to whine and to be cheerful instead.

The second thing that challenged me was some practical advice that Carolyn herself learned:

My children needed a little more structure. In their case, idleness was contributing to grumpiness. The routine served my girls by eliminating some of the temptations as they played together every day, all day long. They simply had fewer opportunities to be grumpy or discontent.

I am a fairly organized person, and my children are on a pretty regular schedule for naps, meals, etc. But I believe that (for our family; Carolyn mentioned that this might not be the solution for everyone) putting my kids on a bit more of a routine during the other daytime activities will help eliminate boredom and alleviate the temptation to whine.

I would encourage you to read the other posts in this series! What have you done to teach your children not to whine and to be cheerful instead?

{On Wednesdays, I share from a book, blog, or other resource some “worthy words.” I love to read, but my time for reading has been much decreased since the birth of my first child. I am encouraged when I am able to read snippets of precious truth as I come across them. Hopefully these few words will encourage your heart, as well as give you a resource for fuller reading as your time allows.}


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