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Worthy Word Wednesday: Teaching our Kiddos to Listen {By Ignoring our Smartphone Notifications}

on April 30, 2014


A while ago, I posted a link to an article that reminds us that our children are people too. They deserve the same love that our “neighbors” deserve. One of the ways we love our children is by listening to them. Really listening, not just nodding our heads and saying “uh-huh” while we check Facebook or scan the latest pins on Pinterest. . .

Carolyn, at the girltalk blog, reminds us of some important truths in her post Q&A: How Can Moms Deal with the Distractions of Social Media? As usual, I encourage you to read her whole post, but I will share her three main points here to whet your appetite:

  1.  Listen to show your children you love them.
  2.  Listen to show your children how to love others.
  3.  Listen to show your children how to listen to God.

It is so easy for us to get distracted. Is it any wonder we live in a time when our children (in general, of course) are increasingly rude, easily distracted, unfocused, and selfish? Could it be that they are learning these things from us??

I have had an iPhone for about nine months now, and I have found that it is so easy to become distracted. It is so convenient. But what are the consequences?

On a practical note, there are a few things I do to help me, although I am far from perfect here, trust me!

  • Other than my phone and text notifications, I do not allow any notifications from FB, email, Words with Friends, etc. I am tempted enough to check these without being additionally informed that somebody liked something, commented on something, etc.
  • When I am talking to people, and I try to include my family in this rule too, I try not to immediately grab my phone every time I get a text. I’m not a big texter (I don’t think that’s actually a word!), so this is usually my husband telling me something I probably need to know.
  • I try not to “browse” on my phone when my children are around. I don’t want to teach them that my phone is the most important thing by being on it all the time. (Although, the way my 2-year-old brings me my phone all the time when I’ve left it in another room, yelling “Mommy, phone!” you’d think my phone was my means of breathing! 😉 ). If I am using my phone to make my grocery list or something around the kids, I’ll tell them what I’m doing.

Again, these are just a couple of practical things I’m doing. At times–to be honest–I’m tempted to just turn in my smartphone for my old dumb phone, but I’m not even sure they make them any more. . . 🙂

Either way, I want to make sure that my kids learn what is most important. I want them to learn to value God and others more than themselves. And apart from God’s necessary working in their lives, they need to learn that from me.

{On Wednesdays, I share from a book, blog, or other resource some “worthy words.” I love to read, but my time for reading has been much decreased since the birth of my first child. I am encouraged when I am able to read snippets of precious truth as I come across them. Hopefully these few words will encourage your heart, as well as give you a resource for fuller reading as your time allows.}


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