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Thursday Thoughts: Redeeming This Time Period in My Life

on November 14, 2013

Mackenna_sunlightIf you follow my blog, you may (or may not) have noticed that I am not posting quite as frequently. I very much enjoy writing and expressing my thoughts, but I am learning that a blog is not my top priority. These are my thoughts:

  • My greatest God-given responsibilities are to my husband and my children. I noticed that when I didn’t finish a blog post before the kiddos woke up, I would try to finish it after breakfast. My daughter would cry for my attention and crawl all over me while I typed. My son would ask me to play cars with him, and I would keep telling him, “As soon as Mommy’s done.” (But then I’d check my blogs for good articles, recipes, deals, etc. and my morning occasionally disappeared).My patience would grow thin, and I would easily snap at either/both of my children. Dave would come home (looking for his happy retreat) and find a frazzled wife and mom.
  • So, I decided that when my children were up, I would keep my computer closed. If I get a blog post written in the early morning or during nap time (like now!), then you will see one. If not, the blog can wait for another day. Keeping my computer closed keeps me from “just checking really quickly” to see if anyone commented or liked a post, if a new Christmas present deal has popped up in my blogs, excuse, excuse, excuse. . . It has been so much more enjoyable to spend the bits of extra time playing cars with Calvin, tickling Mackenna, learning how to install toilet seats all by myself ( 🙂 ), cleaning a bit more, etc.
  • I want to spend my years as a younger woman teaching my children and loving my husband. I want to simply learn by experience and from the experience of others how best to do so. I want to soak up the wisdom of others by observing, listening, reading. I want to be the kind of young woman the church needs most.
  • I am not an older woman. I do believe younger women can teach and encourage others, but we still have a LOT to learn ourselves. Selfish, arrogant pride can too often be mixed with a desire to minister to others; at least, I have found that to be the case with me.

All that to say, I very much enjoy blogging and will continue to do so, but only as the time allows in this stage of my life. I’ll probably have weeks where I still post most days, and I’ll probably have weeks where I post very little. We’ll see. My goal for this time is to “Delight in this season, in this time appointed by our gracious Lord” (Carolyn Mahaney).


One response to “Thursday Thoughts: Redeeming This Time Period in My Life

  1. Linda Huffstutler says:

    Good decision!

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